Find Talent

A sophisticated understanding of industry needs along with key assessment strategies allows KMR to find the best fit while mitigating the risks. KMR wants to see your organization identify potential talent that are ready to capitalize your organizational strategies and strengths.

KMR recognizes the great responsibility that is involved in the recruitment process and is acutely aware that the wrong selection can be very detrimental to an organization on a financial, team and organizational level.

KMR uses diverse tools, finding the right fit including traditional search methods and KRM’s own trademarked Talent Gateway a four step multidimension process.

Traditional Search

KMR’s traditional search methods are ideal for companies looking to fill a single position. KMR strives to understand your business model, structure, challenges, successes, and corporate culture. In gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, and the necessary skills required for the hiring managers; KMR can present candidates that will fulfill the job requirements at a high-performance level and blend seamlessly into your organization.

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Establishing Your Priorities

We begin with you and your business, and invest the time necessary to understand your industry, as well as the unique chemistry and culture of your business.

Establish Core Competencies for the Position

Competencies include the abilities, skills, and behaviors that the candidate will need to succeed in your industry, and within your corporate culture. At KMR we look at candidate’s previous experience and positions that have prepared them for this opportunity.

Evaluating Candidates

KMR uses its experience and knowledge of your industry to administer a comprehensive review of every suitable candidate before bringing the best fit forward to your company. KMR also has access to performance tools that can be utilized during this process.

Selection Process

KMR can help you throughout the selection process by assisting with behavioral interview strategies and assessment evaluations.

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Talent Gateway

KMR’s Talent Gateway was designed to help diverse and growing companies stay on top of their game. It is a unique program designed to maximize efficiency, agility, and cost-effectiveness. The program consists of a monthly consulting-based solution to give your organization instant and continuous access to the four core elements of our recruiting success. This process assures you and your organization will build a team that reflects your needs.

Our four core elements. Click on an accordion below.

Establishing Your Priorities

We begin with you and your business, and invest the time necessary to understand the unique chemistry and culture of your business. We can then target the skills, abilities, knowledge, personal characteristics, and other elements that you truly need from new talent, and effectively match the competencies to the role.

Extending Your Strategic HR Reach

We work harmoniously as an extention of your internal HR department, so that it can target specific top-end talent. 

Proactively finding Talent

We identify talent for both today and tomorrow. We can kick-start the recruitment process proactively, so you can dynamically adjust staffing plans and take advantage of talent when it’s available – before your competition.

Ongoing Assessment and scanning of the Talent Pool

We effectively present your opportunities to qualified candidates locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. And, because we’re continually sourcing qualified candidates, we increase the possibility of finding the ideal strategic fit that you need.

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