Success Stories

KMR has an exemplary record of accomplishment of success across numerous industries. To learn more about some of KMR’s unique, challenging, and successful placements. Click on an accordion below.

Assignment I - Chief Information Office (CIO)

Position: Chief Information Office (CIO)

Client Profile: This client is one of North America’s fastest growing independent distributors and marketers of fuel and petroleum products. Located in Alberta, this business has gone from 800 million, to over 2 billion in annual sales.

Client Expectations: This client sought a new CIO with strong vision. They were looking for an individual who could strategize, integrate new technology and establish a technology-based roadmap for the future.

KMR’s Story: One of the challenges in this assignment was an in-depth understanding of the client’s culture and chemistry. Finding the right skillset is one aspect to executive placement, but even more important is the ability for that candidate to fuse and thrive within the existing culture.

KMR researched the client’s business to best ensure a seamless fit with the candidate. After doing our due diligence, we successfully placed the new CIO of this dynamic company.

Assignment II – Senior Director of Information Technology

Position: Senior Director of Information Technology

Client Profile: This London, Ontario based client is Canada’s largest plumbing and HVAC distribution company. This client is owned by a larger US based  company with annual sales in the billions.

Client Expectations: The client had a large, diverse culture that the successful candidate would need to fit into. Due to the manifold nature of this company, the candidate would also have an extra step in the hiring process. The client has their own in-house multi-layered assessments. It was the client’s requirement that all candidates, regardless of the position, participate in these assessments. This was viewed as a critical component to their cultural success.

KMR’S Story: This challenging assignment took KMR several months to complete and required a sensitivity to truly understand the corporate culture and find an effectively match.

One of KMR’s candidates was successful and the candidate has brought exceptional value to the client.

Assignment III - Senior Sales / Account Manager

Position: Senior Sales / Account Management

Client Profile: This large global data warehousing company is well established and provide many opportunities to their people to develop skills, progress and contribute to the organization.

Client Expectations: This client has an established methodology and corporate culture. They required an individual who truly understands the nuances of their business.

KMR’S Story: KMR worked with the company, constantly adapting, and changing in response to the needs of the client. Our assignment goal was to ensure a seamless, mutually beneficial placement. KMR conducted significant research in presenting candidates. Ulimately, the client hired a top performing individual.

KMR’s candidate surpassed all expectations set by the client and went on to become the number one worldwide sales representative in the corporate global sales team.

Assignment IV - Senior Vice President of Infrastructure

Position: Senior Vice President of Infrastructure

Client Profile: The client for this assignment is based out of the east coast and does several billion dollars in annual sales in the food manufacturing industry. 

Client Expectations: The client was seeking a skilled dynamic individual who was willing to commit to the company. In this case KMR’s challenge lay with the company needs and expectations and the requirement to relocate.  

KMR’S Story: KMR found a highly suitable candidate who demonstrated a high degree of skills that were transferrable from one industry to another. Together, with KMR’s guidance, the client and candidate respected each other’s timelines and needs. Both the candidate and the client are very happy with the fit and understood the key role that KMR played in facilitating it.

Assignment V - Senior Director of Procurement

Position: Senior Director of Procurement

Client Profile: The client, based in Manitoba, has annual sales in the hundreds of millions, in the home furniture and major appliances sectors.

Client Expectations: The client required a candidate with a strong experience and skills to ensure a seamless fit in the company’s culture and competitive environment. ​

KMR’s Story: The company location made this assignment particularly challenging and KMR needed to be sensitive to this in the candidate screening process. KMR ensured accuracy and depth when researching the city, to effectively describe the location to any potential candidate.